Magique table extralight

They are very good and Mark Alessio Roscini Mature, Alias ​​Studio Klass in thinking 'outside the sown', to give the objects a flicker of intelligence that makes them more special, but never lose their sobriety. Magique is a remake of the classic table alongside the couch but it is actually used anywhere thanks to the presence of two volumes that intersect, creating three different shelves accessible from all sides. The object comes to life by associating with others and opens up many possibilities for decoration, reflection, and shades of colors and materials combined with the glass.
Magique sober and essential forms, capable of leaving at the same time creating freedom in the use shelves accessible from all sides. The combination of the design object and the transparency of glass creates a play of illusions among the volumes. Coffee table with glass cube container welded to 10 mm.
Version with extra-light glass and container glass white opal.
Capacity on the floor: 40 kg
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